Christmas calendar

IMPRO’s Christmas calendar started from an idea to provide IMPRO’s audience on all platforms with consistent entertaining content throughout the month of December. Last year,the Impro team did an advent calendar which was quite popular but consisted of still pictures with different tasks/questions.This year, the team decided it would be more entertaining to do short videos for the advent calendar because videos seem to be more entertaining than still pictures.The main idea was to provide the audience with different Christmas themed content which included life hacks,funny skits,challenges and last but not least different discounts and deals.

Coming up with 24 entertaining videos was actually easier than anticipated,the only hard part was getting them ready in advance before December even started.This was a bit of an issue because some of the videos were supposed to be filmed outside in the snow or with a bunch of Christmas decorations which were not available/handy at the given time.

Of course, Mother Nature wasn’t on our side for this part given the fact that even in the middle of December, in Finland, there was no show in sight (global warming at its finest😢)

After getting over the bumps in the road it was time to get ready and start recording.Recording the videos for the calendar was quite fun,everyone contributed to the videos. We even had paid actors such as Nala the corgi and Gucci the cat 😂.

For the calendar we tried to do a bunch of engaging activities such as a IMPRO quiz so the audience could see which Christmas character they relate to the most, different useful life hacks such as how to DIY your own ugly Christmas sweater. We included helpful videos for example different Christmas movies recommendations and a funny gift guide.Our followers also had the opportunity to participate in a few giveaways where we gave away the game and free digital cards.

The videos and calendar overall turned out great, everyone enjoyed waking up to a new video everyday. It was also interesting to see how people were reacting to different types of videos.The most popular video were the shorter ones and the ones in which the whole team participated in fun activities.Last but not least we received a few messages of appreciation from our followers showing appreciation for the content we provided.


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