Origin of Impro®

“Decades ago a unique style of pitch black humor emerged from the pits of darkness, created amongst psychotherapists. The pitch black humor. This humor was used only in the inner circles of the therapy community. They believed the world wasn’t ready for this. The tradition of this dark, twisted and wicked humor was passed on from generation to generation. But now a group of rebel therapists have decided to break this circle. Thus they will now share the tradition of this gut wrenching pitch black humor with the world. Out from the pits of darkness, Impro the board game was born.”

-Unknown Finnish psychotherapist-

Your mission is to breathe life into this extremely unique game, so we can ship it to every corner of the world! We are currently testing Impro in the UK and Ireland and if we reach 2000 subscribers we promise to publish the game in English! Impro the Board Game will be the latest hit amongst your friends, you are guaranteed to be entertained after you have acquired this board game. So make your friends green with envy and contact us for a test round!

Our team
Playing Impro – The Board Game in midwinter. Check out more pictures!