Impro® – Categories and game flow

Impro® – the Board Game is a twisted party game, which will blow your mind! The game combines the pitch-black humor of the therapy world with insightful questions.

In this party game players will be able to test themselves in four different categories:
Task, Creativity, Self-Knowledge and Mental Health. 


 In this category the player needs to figure out the co-players’ answers to yes/no questions.


 Measures the players’ ability to express themselves by drawing or body language.

Mental Health

 Good verbal skills and quick wits will help the players survive challenging situations. Use your imagination. 


 Players will learn new things about themselves and the co-players.
Brace yourself for shocking revelations!

Game play

The game is prepared by setting up the game board on the table. The hourglass along with the Psychiatric Hospital-card are placed next to the board. The category cards are placed on separate decks on the table. There are four different categories: Task, Creativity, Self-knowledge and Mental Health. 

The youngest player starts and the game proceeds clockwise. The players move their pawns on the board according to the die and depending on which category they land, they pick a card and read it out loud. The category depicts how the player will execute the card: verbally, artistically, using their body language, facial expressions, or their wild imagination.

Depending on the correct guesses and/or successful execution of the card, the active player and the co-players can move forward on the game board. The die is used in the beginning of one’s turn until the gilded homestretch, the rest of the way is moved forward only by completing the categories or guessing right. The player who reaches the finish square first is the winner. If two or more players get to the finish square in the same round, the game ends in a tie. Read the full rules here.

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Warning: This game might cause addiction.
If you get addicted, book a therapy session from the game creators