Impro® – A Twisted Party Game

The English version of Impro is being tested in the UK, US and Europe as we speak. We will publish Impro’s Naughty Cards when we reach 2000 subscribers, and Impro A Twisted Party Game when we reach 10 000 subscribers. If you want to be a tester, contact us through email or Facebook/Instagram

With components of dark humor from the therapy world, we can guarantee that Impro party game is something that has not been seen – or played before. Impro A Twisted Party Game is outrageous, and players should expect the unexpected! The gist of the game is the five different categories which will challenge the players all in different ways. The most unique feature is the Mental Health which takes the player in totally wacky situations and then leaves him to talk himself out of being committed to the Psychiatric hospital! Impro integrates the mental health aspect into casual board game in a way that is truly intriguing. It presents hypothetical scenarios that only a twisted mind can cook up, and then makes you talk yourself out of that mindf*ck situation.

In addition, Impro A Twisted Party Game is very versatile as each category can be played independently – meaning you can just take any deck of cards with you on a camping trip and play the deck without carrying the whole game with you!

Naughty R18 Cards

These naughty cards are designed just for the dirtiest little F*****s out there and they are definitely not suitable for all the Karens out there. The questions in these cards will shock even the kinkiest players.


Cards are well suited for bachelor parties, Christmas parties and wild get-togethers with friends. Naughty R18 cards can also be used separately without the main game

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