What is Impro® – A Twisted Party Game?

Impro Twisted Party Game game board

Party game

With components of dark humor from the therapy world, we can guarantee that Impro party game is something that has not been seen – or played before. Impro A Twisted Party Game is outrageous, and players should expect the unexpected! The gist of the game is the four different categories which will challenge the players all in different ways. The most unique feature is the Mental Health which takes the player in totally wacky situations and then leaves him to talk himself out of being committed to the Psychiatric hospital!

Players & time

Impro is an adult party game for 3-6 players or teams. The average game length is between 45 and 90 minutes. Naughty Cards can be added to the main game or played separately.  

For whom

Impro A Twisted Party Game is developed purely for entertainment purposes and fits to all kinds of get-togethers. Impro is recommended for players over 16 years old, and the naughty cards are suitable for players over 18 years old. Impro®

Naughty Cards

These naughty cards are designed just for the dirtiest little F*****s out there and they are definitely not suitable for all the Karens out there. The questions in these cards will shock even the kinkiest players. Impro A Twisted Party Game is developed purely for entertaining purposes


Warning: Not recommended for auditors or other people without a personality!

Impro and friends

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